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The difference with Eventotron is that it was built / developed by someone who actually understands ticketing and festivals and all the weird and wonderful things that artists want to do. Rather than by a developer with no knowledge of the arts or how our business works.

Brighton Fringe

We’ve been successful in the volume and quality of work at the festival and I don’t think we would have achieved that without using your platform.

Living Record Festival

So genuinely helpful and generous with their time. We understand it’s a small operation and truly appreciate being able to communicate with a lovely human who cares about our team and our success.

Vancouver Fringe

It is amazing to have a system that collates all the data that we have previously had to collect from 4/5 different forms!
Great customer service and support too!

International Youth Arts Festival

“This system is by far the best out there for a real connection between artists and producers.”

Edmonton Fringe Theatre Festival

From the community…

We want Eventotron to be a place to share ideas and help each other. We have an audience of nearly 40,000 artists.
If you’ve got something to share then please drop us a line at blog@eventotron.com

How to Advertise a Show and Engage an Audience through Vertical Content

How to Advertise a Show and Engage an Audience through Vertical Content

As short-form, mobile-first, vertical content (9:16 aspect ratio) continues to dominate the social media space (TikTok, IGTV, Facebook Watch, etc.,) David Klein believes it’s increasingly important to have a foundational understanding of how storytelling differs in this new format.
Here are his top tips to help savvy theatre/film producers take advantage of vertical content to stand out in the social media crowd!

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Let’s Talk Marketing Collateral and Merch

Let’s Talk Marketing Collateral and Merch

So the show is on track (yeah right!) but we gotta get the word out!
Join Dr. Thomas D. Richards for a dive into the world of marketing collateral! Using his own and friends/colleagues work as an example, he will introduce making marketing collateral as a creative exercise and encourage you to find ways of making it relevant to your show and fun!

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Top 3 Tips for Promoting a Culturally Diverse Show

Top 3 Tips for Promoting a Culturally Diverse Show

Natasha Adiyana Morris highlights the engaging, and sometimes controversial ways, culturally specific theatre can be produced, while also addressing the pitfalls of tokenizing and undervaluing ‘diverse’ theatre.

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