Eventotron is an all-in-one arts management system bringing together artists, live performance events, venues and festivals all around the world.

More Arts. Less Admin.

Create. Plan. Stage.

Everything all in one place for everyone involved.

Artists & Producers

Find performance opportunities
Promote your event to festivals, seasons and venues
Easily apply to multiple festivals/seasons
Manage press, media and reviews

Festival / Season Managers

Promote your festival or season to 40,000+ artists
Fully customisable application forms
Automated brochure production
Take payments and issue invoices
Easy search and reporting
Full API to drive websites and apps
Box Office Integration
Bulk email participants

Venue Managers

Promote your venues and invite events
Easily schedule multiple events
Easy search and reporting
Take payments and issue invoices
Customisable event data collection

From the community…

We want Eventotron to be a place to share ideas and help each other. We have an audience of nearly 40,000 artists.
If you’ve got something to share then please drop us a line at blog@eventotron.com

Life after Lockdown: The Results of our Artist Survey

Life after Lockdown: The Results of our Artist Survey

Earlier this year we launched our Artist Survey. We wanted to get an idea of what life might be like for performers, organisers and creators after lockdown: what might change, what might stay the same, what they might need… and how we could help.

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Making the Most of Donations

Making the Most of Donations

Donations are an excellent way to support creative works. Whether you’re making a show, podcast, video series or livestream, taking donations can provide the income you need to keep doing what you do, while also maximising your audience.

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New Ways Of Making Work

New Ways Of Making Work

Top Five Tips for Sustainable and Fulfilling Remote Creative Partnerships. Despite the fact that working from home is the norm for many, you’ll agree that this solo routine’s getting a bit stale. Why not spice things up with a remote collaborator, then?

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Recording Sound from Home: A Beginner’s Guide

Recording Sound from Home: A Beginner’s Guide

With hundreds of pieces of equipment and software available to help you record your music in both digital and analogue formats the world of sound recording has never been more accessible. But where to start?

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Who’s with us.

What people think.

The difference with Eventotron is that it was built / developed by someone who actually understands ticketing and festivals and all the weird and wonderful things that artists want to do. Rather than by a developer with no knowledge of the arts or how our business works.

Brighton Fringe

So genuinely helpful and generous with their time. We understand it’s a small operation and truly appreciate being able to communicate with a lovely human who cares about our team and our success.

Vancouver Fringe

It is amazing to have a system that collates all the data that we have previously had to collect from 4/5 different forms!
Great customer service and support too!

International Youth Arts Festival

“This system is by far the best out there for a real connection between artists and producers.”

Edmonton Fringe Theatre Festival