10% Off Eventotron for NRTF Members

Offer from Eventotron and NRTF Eventotron is an online arts management system providing an easy, affordable way to manage your seasons, projects and programs. It covers everything from event registration to populating websites, keeping in touch with artists, liaising...

10% Off Eventotron for World Fringe Members

New Partnership between Eventotron and World Fringe   10% Off Eventotron for World Fringe Members   Eventotron is an online all-in-one arts management system designed to help festivals with everything from event registration to populating website what’s on...

Applying to a Festival or Season

You’ve found out all about the festival / season you want to apply to and you’ve been directed to Eventotron. What now?

Promote your Event in Eventotron

You’ve put together a show, applied to a festival / season or two and really want to shout about what you’re doing… Take out an event ad in Eventotron.

How to Find Your Event in Eventotron

So, you have completed part of your application and have logged out. Now you want to log back in and finish what you started. Here’s how.

Trouble Editing your Forms?

Are you having trouble editing your application or registration forms? Check out this troubleshooting guide to find out why.

We have not leaked your data

Eventotron has not experienced a data breach or leaked your data. A recent Apple update has introduced new security recommendations which alert you when an email and password combination has been made publicly available in a data breach.

Interacting with Venues

If you are applying to a festival or season which requires you to apply to venues – this guide is for you.

How to Add People to Your Event

You have created an event and applied to a festival or season. You are working with other people on the event and you’d like to give them access to it in Eventotron. Here’s how.