Moving events to a postponed festival/season

A guide created in light of the cancellation and postponement of festivals / seasons due to Covid-19.

The best way to postpone a festival/season in Eventotron is to create a NEW festival/season and NOT to change the dates of the existing one.

Ask your participants what they want to do

Some festival managers have found it useful to add a new questionnaire to their existing festival asking what their participants would like to do – ie move to a postponed festival, get a refund of their application fees, donate to the festival etc.

Create a new festival/season:

Click on Festivals & Seasons in the main navigation. Then click on All Festivals & Seasons at the top of the dropdown. Click on the +create a new festival or season button

A pop-up window will appear. Give your new festival a name (something to differentiate it from the original), fill in the start and end dates. Select the management company and under Festival Type – chose to copy the festival/season you are postponing from the dropdown. Click create festival.



Move events to the new festival/season.

Go to the Festival Management Console for the festival/season you are postponing, click on the Events tab. The default Results lists all events – if you want to copy over a specific group of events, run a report. Select the events you want to copy by ticking the boxes in the column next to ID. To select all, tick the top box.

Click the Copy To… button in the toolbar above Results. This pop-up window will appear.

Move to: select the new festival/season from the dropdown.

Event Status: you can select events in the application phase, In Progress or Finalised here.

Event Details: select whether you want to copy all event details, online/print event details or do not copy event details here.

Venues: select whether to copy venue associations, do not copy venue associations or require venues to re-approve associations here.

Payment lines: select whether you want to move payment lines or not. Then click Copy Events.

That’s it.

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