Super Simple Box Office

Eventotron’s built-in quick, easy to set up ticketing system.

You’ve collected all the event information from artists. Spaces are scheduled with performance dates, times and prices. Now you need to sell tickets. Eventotron can put your entire festival or season, which might be hundreds of shows and venues, on sale in under 5 minutes.

Super simple to set up.
Super powerful to use.


We know there are lots of variations in the way you want to sell or allocate tickets. Super Simple Box Office is flexible, easy to use and quick to set-up:

Live, online and hybrid events?
We’ve got it covered.

Want to be able to give special offers and set up promo codes?

Need to manage Press tickets, comps and holds?
No worries.

Want to create questionnaires to collect audience info?
Sure. You can easily add questions to the ticket buying process.

Adding a Booking Fee?

Need to sell merch and other
You can!

Free event but it’s ticketed? Or taking donations?
No problem.

Looking to collate audience data and create mailing lists?
That’s all there.

Need to be able to check people in?
We’ve got a Door Tool for that.

Splitting ticket sales between festival/season and venue?

Wondering where the ticket income goes?
Direct to your account.

Want artists to be able to track their own ticket sales?
Yup, that’s all there too.


We use leading internet payment processor: Stripe to handle all ticket income. When you sign up to use Super Simple Box Office you will need to create or join an existing Stripe account to Eventotron. It’s easy to do from within your Eventotron profile.

Eventotron charges 10p per ticket.

We recommend adding a small booking fee to cover this and any Stripe fees.

Stripe Payment Processing Fees may apply. Find more information at Stripe Pricing.

Website Integration.

All the information you’ve collected from artists and spaces is available to be pulled to the website. You can choose exactly what you want to use to promote events and sell tickets. If things change, updates made in Eventotron sync with the website – simple.

There are three ways of using Super Simple Box Office with your website:

Contact us for more info and book a demo.


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